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Good posture-The Fascia-Rolfing & Hellerwork

A session with a Rolfing or Hellerworker Will transform the way you stand and alter the way you move. It could change patterns you have held for years, even since childhood. More incredible still, it could shift your whole emotional being. After a course of treatment (Rolfing has a standard 10 sessions; Hellerwork, 11), peoples bodies quite literally look different more upright, more scented, more relaxed. At first sight, these treatments appear to be a little more than a form of deep massage. So how do their practitioners achieve such dramatic results? The answer lies in the fascia, The connective tissues that and cases every muscle and farms our tendons and ligaments. It keeps our whole structure, muscle and bone, in place. Yet there fascial system had been generally ignored until the late 1940s when American biochemist Dr Ida Rolf discovered that the fascia would adapt to support whatever patterns of movement and posture the body adopted. If you put more weight on one leg than the other. The fascia will bunch and shorten to compensate. If you hunch your shoulders,the fascia will knot to accommodate and hold your posture. If we put our bodies into imbalance, the fascia will change to holders in that position. If they can change once however, the fascia can change again. By manipulating and stretching the fascia back into their original positions, Rolf found she could reprogram neurological pathways and return her patients to alignment. The benefits did not stop there. Ralph also found that, when she change the body on her physiological level, her patients shifted on mental and emotional levels as well. The other major deep-tissue technique is Hellawork. Its founder, Joseph Heller, initially trained with Ida Rolf but wanted to concentrate more on movement and the emotional side of treatment. As most Hellerworkers and Rolfers will admit..nowadays the difference between these two bodywork systems are minimal and you will get equally good results with either one.

Most of us start life as children possessed with ideal alignment. Emotional and physical traumas can easily combine to knock the body out of shape. Rolfing and Hellerwork coax the body back into balance through strong manipulation of the fascial and muscular systems.

What can Rolfing and Hellerwork help?

  • Postural problems respond best to Rolfing and Hellerwork.

  • Long-term aches and pains off and disappear.

  • Chronic headaches can respond well to these treatments.

  • Neck and back pains are usually Alleviated.

  • Energy levels are generally improved.

  • Rolfing and hellerwork can help improve athletic performance and general ease of movement.

  • There are usually psychological benefits, such as increased confidence, the ability to deal with stressful situations and more honest relationships.

  • Many people use Rolfing and Hellerwork

  • To help them achieve personal growth.

What can I expect from a session?

The bodyworker will first scrutinise your body and posture as you stand in your underwear. You may be photographed a perhaps videoed so that you will be able to see the difference at the end of the sessions. Hellerworkers will also spend time teaching you how to sit, stand and walk in a more balanced way. Each session has a theme such as “inspiration” and, while the therapist is working, he or she will ask you questions such as, “ what inspires you?”

Both therapies are performed on the couch. It can make you feel quite tender, but not unbearably. It can feel wonderfully releasing, as old strains and stresses are stretched and Straightened. In the course of your 10 or 11 sessions, each part of the body is worked systematically-A different part as worked at each session. With Hellerwork each session also deals with a different emotional problem.

Will it hurt?

Of all the natural therapies, these do have the reputation for being the most painful. The deep -tissue touch can hurt but most deep-tissue body workers will try to work within your pain threshold.

Will anything strange happen?

It’s not uncommon suddenly to recall old memories, of for past incidents to come up into your mind, both during and in the days following your session. You may well find you experience a surge of energy after treatment. Physically, people say that they notice a change in the posture and their skin tone. More subtle, there can be distinct changes in the way people present themselves, their vitality, their confidence and their overall energy levels. If you have a high level of toxicity, you may find yourself feeling worse to begin with, as treatment can release toxins held in the muscles and joints.

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