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How To Keep Your Eyes Smiling!

We get lots of questions about eye problems – from dark circles and puffy bags to tired, sore peepers. Here we focus on helping them stay happy and, above all, healthy.

Problem: dark circles and/or puffy eyes and eyebags

Solution: if you’re short of sleep, get more or better. That might be obvious but it will help. Dark circles and eyebags are also linked to food allergies or intolerance, so if more sleep makes no difference, cut out wheat entirely for a week and see if that helps. There could be other food culprits too. So In general, stick to fresh food, preferably organic; processed and/or conventionally grown foods may contain additives that you are sensitive to, so cut down on alcohol, sugar, sugary foods and salt (often hidden in processed foods) drink lots of still pure water between meals to flush out toxins. For an immediate rescue strategy, stroke ice cubes (wrapped in clingfilm or a hanky) over your eyes. If you have longer and can lie down briefly, brew a pot of chamomile tea with two teabags (you are looking for German chamomile Recutita) and lay these slightly cold, slightly squeezed bags on your eyes-you need to lie down for obvious reasons. Slices of cucumber are also very soothing, and raw potato contains an enzyme which helps de-puff the skin. Lay slices straight on your eyes, or grate some potatoes and pop in a clean cotton hankie. Then camouflage dark circles with a little concealer, pat on thinly with your ring finger: don’t rub, pull on drag the skin. If you use cream around the eyes be sure not to get it too near and try to use a product made with only natural ingredients such as; “Correction dark circle remover by DollsFace”, as over time the chemicals in most products- can do your skin more harm than good (check out our previous blog “ Why cosmetic ingredients matter”) when applying eye products these should be applied on the orbital bone, the bone of the eyesocket, and from there they travel up to the skin nearer the eye all on their own. Puffy eyes also respond brilliantly to an instant “bag-draining“ detox in the shape of a run or a vigourous session on the treadmill, followed by a sauna or Turkish bath-or a low-tech solution: steam your face over a bowl of very hot water, with some essential oils such as Rose oil to perk you up (it works wonders for your skin too.)

problem: tired itchy dry eyes

Solution: first, the mucus membrane around the eyes need to be lubricated, like every other part of your body-so drink more water. Aim to drink around eight large glasses Of pure, still water between meals. Also make sure you eat plenty of omega 3 Essential fatty acids. Second, dry environment for dry eyes, so if you work at an office put a bowl of water and/or an ioniser on your desk; desk; If you have a central heated house, put a bowl by all the radiators, Fill up a spray bottle with pure water, leave this in the fridge and spray across your eyelids for an immediate soothing and cooling experience.

Problem: Red bloodshot eyes.

Sleeeeeep!! And clean up your diet. If you’ve excluded conjunctivitis and the veins in your eyes are always on show, the likeliest villain is lack of sleep. Pollution doesn’t help either, so if you spend a lot of time walking around in a polluted town (as we do), try to wear your big shades and end your day with a detox cleansing Bath. You can relax and wind down with DollsFace “Detox” bodyoil. This oil will remove unwanted toxins from the body and leave you feeling super refreshed recharged and stimulate positive energy. We have noticed a big difference in terms of brighter whites of our eyes with a bit of light detoxing and green foods so be mindful of your diet as well as what you are putting on your skin. You could also try the foot detox method which works very well, after 5 to 7 days, we have noticed brighter eyes with whiter whites (and better skin, too) apply DollsFace Detox to the soles of your feet wrap it in clingfilm Or pop on a foot moisture bag. Your feet are excellent area to absorb the Clary Sage and Pine needle into the bloodstream-which works its magic and starts detoxing the body right away.

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