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Meditation For Beauty & Health

Meditation is one of of the few stress less practices in the world that can truly rejuvenate your skin, transforming all your cells and tissues. The effect of meditation, when practiced properly and consistently, is like an anti-aging pill that cleanses your skin and physically rejuvenates your complexion.

Here's why...

Meditation, which teaches you how to rest your mind, thereby causes the vital energies within your body to become unleashed and blossom in full flower. These "chi" energies traverse all the cells and tissues of your skin and slowly flood them with vitality, bathing them with life essence.

The masters of various spiritual traditions have come to the conclusion that meditation is the best way to heal disease, defeat aging and help you look your very best, including rejuvenating your skin to maximum beauty.

You can improve your complexion virtually overnight by using a few chosen natural skin care products while starting to meditate just a few minutes each day. If you learn the secrets of meditating properly, you, too, can take years off your looks rather quickly, and I do mean rapidly compared to alternative beauty techniques. Aging is the bane of many of our lives, though it is a natural process. The first fine line on the face, the first grey hair, the first signs of pain in the body…all of these are symptoms of aging, and they do not sit well with most people! We all want to look and feel eternally young!

People try all kinds of tips and tricks to slow down the march of time. Some undergo cosmetic surgery. Others apply anti-aging potions and creams on their skins. Some go for regular facials using natural and chemical ingredients. All of these are great but when you combine natural skincare, a healthy clean diet and meditation... you will see miraculous results!

Meditation to slow down aging?

Meditation not only sharpens and calms down the mind, but it may also have applications in slowing down aging. Science has already documented the effects of meditation on reducing stress and decreasing elevated blood pressure and sugar levels. Meanwhile, it helps one sleep better at night.

Did you know that reduced stress, better sleep and more oxygenated blood (as a result of controlled deep breathing) are the keys to slow down aging? You get all three, and many more, with regular meditation!

Another important benefit of regular meditation is that it increases the levels of endorphins and melatonin in the body. Endorphins are the feel good hormones that are infused in the blood stream due to yoga and meditation. They lower stress and anxiety to a large extent. Meanwhile, the hormone melatonin, which has tremendous applications in slowing down aging, is secreted in the body after deep meditation using controlled breathing and mantras. The immune system is recharged and the oxidation of cells (which accelerates aging) is reduced. With these effects, aging is considerably slowed down.

Stress reduction — the most important benefit

Stress can age the body in a short while. Research shows that stress is as harmful for the body as smoking, junk food and alcohol consumption. It can grey the hair, impair the body’s ability to heal and repair itself, and even impact digestion. Those facing a lot of stress report poor sleep, reduced appetite and also a negative outlook on life.

Meditation is the best antidote to stress and its aging effects on the body. Daily meditation has the power to unlock the positivity inside us, so that we are less driven to negative thoughts and more prone to confidence. Stress and anxiety are automatically reduced with regular meditation — and aging is stopped in its tracks! So take some quiet time to meditate & pamper yourself with our beautiful range of natural body oils, our favorite for meditation is "Detox" this earthy scented blend of Clary sage & Pine needle is perfect for soothing the mind and body and promoting positivity with the infusion of our stunning natural green Aventurine crystals!

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