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If you have noticed fine vertical lines forming on your lips, these are what are known as lip wrinkles. They appear on both the upper and lower lip, and can even extend to the skin above the upper lip. They can span across both sides of the mouth, and stretch up to the nose, where they are deeper and more noticeable.

Developing lip wrinkles can put years on your face, and may make you feel hopelessly aged. However, we have developed a Lip balm formula that will prevent and repair lip wrinkles quicker than ever. But first- we'd like to talk about the ingredients.

Our Crystallla Lip Balm formula is 100% natural containing only Plant based ingredients. We are passionate for developing formulas that are plant based, chemical free and yet produce amazing results! Our Crystalla Lip Balm contains a Natural Humectant that will immediately draw the moisture back to the lip area. This will begin to fill and plump out lines and wrinkles on or around the lip and mouth area due to the water from the body been drawn to that particular area. Humectants can hold up to 1000x its weight so this a great way to smooth out and plump out those lines.

You will immediately notice the velvety smooth moisturising effect from the Mango Butter which will rapidly iron out chapped or dry skin and prevent further skin damage by increasing the elasticity and collagen-which will help prevent lip wrinkles appearing. Lip wrinkles appear naturally when we age due to the decrease in collagen and elastin. We source only the best essential oils and carriers which include Squalane a natural component of human sebum to restore the skins elastin and collagen. Our Vegan friendly Squalane oil is also known for its antioxidant properties which will help to fight against free radicals- free radicals damage skin cells and can break down collagens that are naturally present in the skin so it is important to fight these free radicals if you want to prevent lip wrinkles. By using our Crystalla Lip Balm you will experience deep penetration into the skin. The combination of our ingredient forms a protective film on the surface of the skin and will help maintain moisture, increase collagen, build elastin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. If you want to read more about Squalane, Humectants and antioxidants sign up to our newsletters for our upcoming blogs discussing these topics.

Crystalla Lip Balm is a very intense super hydrating lip balm that has a solid texture to ensure its long wearing effects. You can wear this balm throughout the day and overnight without worrying about reapplying. It has matte effect and is non greasy so you will notice that the balm stays put all day and all night long, giving you fuller smoother lips by morning. You should use this product daily to maximize results and to keep your lips soft, full and wrinkle free! Also...lets not forget that our lip balm contains Humectant ingredients so be sure to keep hydrated and add a little extra plumpness by spritzing the face with water or other hydrosols. We will soon be adding a range of Hydrosols to support our Humectant products so keep an eye out for those!

Now, as we all know, DollsFace is a Mindfulness beauty brand so of course we have also added a touch of Holistic Crystal Therapy to our lip balm formula, our unique Mindfulness ingredient is Quartz crystal, crystals have been used for century's to promote healing, balance and well-being. Crystals can help to restore balance to our body's natural energy flow which can lead to improved skin health and support the Mind, Body and Soul with its metaphysical properties. Quartz crystal can help improve the overall appearance and health of our skin by promoting positive energy and well-being, this will reflect on ones outward appearance. Quartz crystals are also known for there ability to amplify energy and promote clarity so this is the perfect gem for clarity of mind. Our formula has no nasty after taste and our crystals are finely powdered to ensure a smooth lip balm texture. Enjoy this unique approach to your skincare practices and see for yourself the amazing results from our Crystalla Lip Balm. Lets help restore your natural beauty today.

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