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The Healing Power Of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a master healer for the heart and emotions. A stone of infinite peace and unconditional love, it purifies and opens your heart, teaching the true meaning of love and forgiveness. If you have loved and lost, rose quartz heals the grief. This receptive stone attracts love and if your relationship is problematic- restores trust and harmony.

An excellent stone for use during trauma or crisis, Rose Quartz is deeply soothing and assist with excepting necessary change. This beautiful stone helps you to appreciate the beauty all around you.


Organs heart, lungs, kidney, genitals, liver

Glands thymus,adrenal

Systems circulatory, lymphatic

Functions Enhancing love, sedating, releasing, assimilating, forgiving, restoring the blood

Chakras heart, higher heart


The master healer father emotions, Rose Quartz opens and purifies the heart, gently drawing out pain, heartache and grief and restoring emotional balance and a loving vibe. Promoting self-forgiveness and transmuting internalised pain, it removes the residue of past emotional trauma, releasing unexpressed emotions that may be causing dis-ease, and dissolves old emotional conditioning and outworn attitudes and beliefs. This stone is the antidote to deprivation of all kinds but especially of love.

If in your deepest self, you do not believe you have the right to love and happiness, Rose Quartz clears that false belief. Teaching how to love yourself, it attracts love into your life. Holding your rose quartz supports affirmations and you can reprogram beliefs by repeating positive affirmations.

Sleeping with Rose Quartz under your pillow or next to the bed attracts beneficial relationships and can bring your heart partner to you. It’s affects in attracting love can be so powerful that it sometimes needs to be balanced with amethyst as it is not always discriminating in its action.

Rose Quartz increases your ability to empathise. It restores confidence and negates any false pride you may have that is covering up a deeper sense of inadequacy


Rose Quartz is a powerful physical healer for the heart and circulatory system, removing impurities from the blood and bodily fluids. Releasing the psychosomatic cause of disease, it allows the body to return to equilibrium and is particularly useful where emotional pain has blocked the heart and the arteries associated with it.

Placed over the thymus, Rose Quartz heels long and chest problems. Over the adrenal glands, alleviates the physical stress caused by overproduction of adrenaline and supports the kidneys. As the ears are the end of the Meridian carrying kidney Energy through the body, Rose Quartz can also alleviate vertigo. This stone promotes fertility and it’s coolness soothe burns or blistering; bathing in a Rose Quartz elixir is known to quickly reduce wrinkles-Rose quartz is considered to be the best option when it comes to softening fine lines and wrinkles by reducing the signs of emotional stress in the face which cause ageing, improve blood circulation and help reduce under eye circles. Transform and rejuvenate your skin with mindfulness meditation click here to read more.


Reassuring Rose Quartz induces mental clarity and deep calm, and is useful for mentally centring yourself. Holding the stone brings instant tranquillity to your mind. If grief has been getting in the way of your ability to think Rose Quartz relieves this. This stone increases your ability to express yourself clearly and encourages creativity.


Rose Quartz cleanses, purifies and re-energise is the chakras and that etheric body. Rose Quartz teaches that if you cannot love and accept yourself completely you will never be able to accept love from our give love to another person. This is the stone of forgiveness and grace, bringing unconditional love into your life. It helps you to recognise yourself as a divine, spiritual being and to reconnect to the love that emanates throughout the whole universe, bringing deep spiritual peace. It also helps you to love others and afford to them the same forgiveness.


Rose Quartz draws off negative energy and protects against environmental pollution, especially that of radium, replacing it with loving vibes. It radiates peace out into the surrounding world and can be programmed to bring world peace and to send distant healing to anywhere where there has been trauma or crisis.


Wear Rose Quartz over the heart or thymus for emotional balance and healing; place by your bed or under the pillow to attract love. Place in your bath or add several drops of a Rose Gem Elixir to promote forgiveness and loving acceptance of yourself.

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