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The Magic Of Crystals

Crystals may work as if by magic, but there are a multitude of reasons as to how and why these enigmatic stones are thought to possess the ability to heal and magnify energy. It is certain that crystals vibrate, and that they exhibit piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties.

The Piezoelectric affect is the ability of crystals to generate a voltage in response to mechanical stress; the pyroelectric affect is a crystals ability to generate an electrical potential in response to temperature change. In terms of their application, crystals provide the movement for quartz watches, and they are also use for igniting the flame of some gas lighters such as BBQ lighters. Crystals also hold heat and electricity, and their ability to focus energy is put to use in lasers. Crystals have an innate energy that can benefit you, those around you, your home and workspace.

They improve your general state of well-being, dispel negative energy, and speed positive changes in your life. If Magic is defined as that which is beyond our understanding at this point in time, then crystals are certainly magic!

The effects of crystals

The healing life-enhancing powers of crystals have been recorded in many ancient texts but how may crystals affect you individually, in terms of your emotional response? “Because we’re all different-as are crystals-it’s impossible to describe the precise response you may have to a crystal, however in my experience, understanding the process of healing is certainly helpful”.

Heres how I explain the effect of crystals when you work with them for healing. “Imagine a traditional set of weighing scales, unevenly balanced with one side higher than the other, visualise a weight dropped onto this side to bring it into balance with the other one, the scales wobble a little as they find equilibrium, but soon come to a rest at the point of balance”. “When you work with crystals the same can happen to you-your emotions wobble before stabilising”.

“The effect of crystals can release negative thoughts and emotions, persevere and you will soon notice improvements in your life”.

Always choose crystals that particularly appeal to you. These are the ones that you'll find pretty, sparkly, fascinating and keep going back to. When you check information on a specific Crystal, it may be obvious why you are drawn to it-perhaps it offers benefits that you, or someone close to you needs at the present time. Even if the purpose of the crystal is not yet clear, usually it will be revealed in due course; if you don’t need the qualities of a particular stone now, it’s likely that you will later.

The most important aspect of choosing a crystal is to trust your gut instinct, your first response. As you look around the shop or at a display, keep in mind the reason you are searching for a crystal. If the crystal is to be a gift think about the person you are choosing for. The right crystal will catch your eye and hold your attention.


  • Place Herkimer Diamond under your pillow for a restful night sleep.

  • Carry Aventurine to increase your leadership and motivational skills.

  • Place Malachite around you to feel calm and serene.

  • Put Emerald under your pillow to release feelings of jealousy.

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